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 They say that government is the problem.

They want to drown it in a bathtub.

The absence of government is anarchy.

To advocate for such absence is, by definition, anarchism.


As much as the extreme right may dislike the label of anarchist, due to the fact that the anarchists on the left embrace the word, the shoe still fits, particularly when it comes to governing the corporate sector.  Or perhaps exclusively when it comes to governing the corporate sector.

The problem with anarchism is that anarchy is a power vacuum waiting to be filled by the most ruthless and despotic leader to seize the opportunity. Therefore, anarchy ultimately leads to despotism. A good example of this is found in the history of Europe following the fall of the Roman Empire.

By the same token, the government that fails to govern the corporate sector will itself become governed by the corporate sector.  Deregulation leads to corporate money corrupting our political system, leads to laws that favor corporate interests over those of the people and international "free trade" agreements designed to surrender national soverienty to corporations with neither borders nor boundaries.

While the anarchists on the left seem oblivious to this reality in their pursuit of some unreachable utopian idealism, the anarchists on the right are "informed" by cronies of those corporate interests which can aspire to such tyranny.