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 Don't blame Jesus.

Don't blame Jesus for the evil committed in His name by men who follow a false religion of right-wing conservatism. The actions for which so many people have such deep and legitimate issues with the human institution of religion are generally in direct conflict with the teachings of Christ.

By mixing in just enough of the truth of the Bible, the postmodern pharisees get a faithfully believing audience for the political extremist idolatry they preach. However, what they preach in such cases isn't what Jesus taught.

In the worst cases, these people openly advance a false doctrine of "prosperity" to preach that if you are true to the teachings of Jesus, He will "bless" you with an abundance of monetary wealth. This lie is specifically designed to demonize everyone of lesser economic means as not following the teachings of Christ. When in fact, the people who hold the most wealth in the United States got it in ways that are directly contrary to the commands of God.

This is what I call the "Idolatry of the Reaganites" because this false doctrine came into vogue with a vengeance during the decade of the 1980s when Ronald Reagan was the prime political object of their idolatry.

By mixing in a few selective issues such as abortion with a moral absolutist doctrine while ignoring or disregarding the true Christian example on others such as health care, these people purport to cast the support of God Himself to the right-wing extremist politicians who support and aid the plunder of the United States economy by a handful of overpaid sociopathic greedmongers, and the inhuman treatment of the mainstream population, and especially of the poorer working class people.

Jesus healed even the most destitute, while the right-wing idolaters support political/economic systems designed to make health care unavailable to as many people as can be denied it, while degrading the quality of health care to a great many of the remaining individuals. While the rest of the free world concur that health care is a basic human right, the politicians supported by the right-wing idolaters dissent from this concept out of the right-wing belief that there are no such things as God-given human rights, only the privileges of the executive caste.

And so it goes on issue after issue.

Even in the Old Testament, the Bible instructs that for the workers to eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of all their labors is the gift of God, but the right-wing idolaters seek to actively divert all of the fruits of the workers' labors to the executive caste who produce nothing, but get fat and luxuriate in the fruits of other people's labors, leaving too little for the working class to live decently on.

So please, don't blame Jesus for the evils done by those who abuse His name for evil purposes.