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 So what if this battle is not for you to win.


"Perhaps this battle is not for you to win."

These are possibly the most discouraging words anyone can hear when fighting to make their country a better place. However, that shouldn't stop anyone from fighting on anyhow.

The best changes in American society throughout history have all come from long struggles of people fighting for causes which any rational person of their times would have considered hopeless. Most have lost their own individual battles.

However, these changes have ultimately come about when somebody finally won each and every one of those fights. Without all those who lost theirs along the way, the final victors might never have made it.

For every activist who stands in greatness in the history books there are countless others who have seemingly failed to win the same causes before them. Very few of these "losers" have been listed in the historical record, but without them their causes may well have fallen by the wayside before ever being won, or public attitudes might never have progressed the right way for those who finally prevailed to do so.

In the face of atrocities in one's country, it is the duty of every citizen to stand up for what's right even if we lose, even if we see no chance at all of success. Perhaps this battle is not for us to win, but because we keep it going somebody eventually will win it for all of us.