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 Defend Yourself

More and more often, you hear the right-wing extremists condemning progressives for "class warfare" for pointing out the ways in which they commit that very act under false pretense. It's past time to call them on this hypocritical piece of treachery.

When the greed party of the 1980's hit in ernest, it was obvious that these guys claiming to create wealth out of nothing were in fact sucking it away from the rest of the economy. Again, the fancy number-bumbling has caught up to them in more real a way than just sparking a recession like it did under Bush Sr.  And years later we still haven't recovered our job market.

Just like in the 80's, it's the honest worker who gets hurt for the greed of the richest few. And the wealthy criminals responsible posess absolutely no remorse for the misery they've caused a great many people.

From putting millions of productive workers out of jobs in the 80's to doing so and destroying their pensions in the 00's to the current parade of billionaire candidates spewing the same old "class-envy" nonsense to demonize the working class, the target of right-wing corporatist abuse remains the worker who produces the goods and services by which the number-bumblers suck off the fruits of our labors.

It's blatently telling that the even as we neared the bottom of the 21st Century's first great recession, all the right-wing extremists in the corporatist Republican Party wanted to do was to relieve the richest few of even the threat of having to again pay their fair share of taxes, thereby keeping more of the tax burden on those who have the least. This while fighting tooth and nail against any Democratic measures to mitigate and reverse their economic disaster.

They certainly don't want to offend the so-called "job creaters."  (Read job eliminators.)

And just where are the jobs the richest 1% are creating, as per the official right-wing talking point? Only in the sweatshops of China.

The only hope for the productive citizens of this country is for everyone who makes less than $50,000 per year to pull together as a voting block and get rid of the bloodsuckers attacking us.

Enough said that the Citizens United ruling was made by a corporatist Republican-stacked bench.

Somewhere between Lincoln and Hoover, the now-corporatist Republican Party made a philosophical U-turn and has been speeding out of control since.

Unfortunately, the leadership of the Democratic Party has also been taken over by corporatists.  In the 2016 Presidential election and its aftermath, we saw that the pary leadership would rather lose to the worst case scenario than to have a progressive populist win in their name.  We need a strong populist progressive leader to take away the base of that sunken party to replace it with a new one.

It took decades for this problem to get as bad as it is, and will take decades to fix. At least it will to clean up the Supreme Court. All that can be done is to keep the corporatist Republicans out of power until enough of their appointees have left the bench to correct the imbalance.

What ultimately needs to be done is to vote the corporatist Republican Party clean out of existence. Impossible? Not in the context of American history. The past is full of examples of where one party has fallen from power too low to survive. The two-party nature of American politics always gives rise to another party to replace the one that goes.  We're just a very long way from that ideal..

And as deeply entrenched as the corporatist Republicans are, if the working class of this nation should truly unite in the voting booth, we can prove that the best way to counter big money is with bigger voting turnout.

Class warfare, you say? Hell yes! To condemn us for it is like going to any school yard and allowing the bullies to beat up the nerds all day, and then condemning any nerds who try to defend themselves for fighting. Heaven help any nerd who gets in a lucky kick somewhere it hurts!

It's time to throw off the pretense and go for it. The rich right has the resources and might to fend off any antisocial methods they would have us to resort to. We must fight from within the system and use our strength of numbers in the voting booths where it can become a source of empowerment.

And to those who take a defeatist view and don't vote at all, let me point out that the best changes in history have come about as the result of people sticking to their guns and plugging away for causes any reasonable person would have considered hopeless at the time.

The reason the rich have so much power is because we haven't used our numbers in the elections for the purpose of making a change like what I'm proposing.

It doesn't have to be an organized movement, either. All it takes is for us to look at the candidates, and vote our pocketbooks. That, on an individual basis, will add up to a force to be reckoned with.